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Enduring excellence in research goes digital

A few months ago the Research Office approached us to help them turn their publication, Enduring excellence in research, into a set of web pages. I thought it might be interesting to use this example to explore some of the challenges of presenting a printed document online and the approach we took.


Tools for card sorting and tree testing

After reading my last post on card sorting¬†you may be thinking about running a workshop, but you are put off because it will be difficult to organise. Worry not, as with so many things these days there is an online solution. In this post I will introduce a couple of tools to consider, you could even save a few innocent trees! (more…)

Content design techniques: card sorting

Societal Engagement card sorting workshop

One really popular technique when planning a new website or a redesign is card sorting. This involves some willing participants being presented with a number of cards, each representing a piece of website content or information. For example: ‘contact form’, ‘Support FAQs’, ‘course list’ or ‘news’.

The aim of the game is to ask them to organise the cards into groups to form a potential structure (information architecture) for the content on the website. (more…)