Hilti donates tools to e.quinox

Hilti is an international world leading company that provides power tool and fixtures equipment to the civil engineering industry. Last year e.quinox members got in touch with contacts at Hilti to help with the provision of specialist tools necessary to build our Rugaragara kiosk. Hilti kindly donated to e.quinox two specialist kits of drilling equipment which allowed for the successful implementation of the kiosk. This year Hilti has generously donated thousands of pounds of cordless tools including drilling and cutting tools that will allow us to carry out further civils work to improve the kiosk.

“Hilti donated some tools to e.quinox for the construction of the hydro kiosk last year and we were very impressed with the results. When e.quinox got back in touch this year, we only thought how we can help them further. It was a no brainer and therefore this year we not only provide our products, we will also provide services for the equipment. These people are changing lives, and this is the least that we can do” said Pavlos Gklavinas from Hilti at the lunch-time handover event.

e.quinox would like to extend a massive thank you to Hilti and we look forward to nurturing a strong and close working relationship over the coming years as we also work closely with their engineers to improve our technical engineering solutions.

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