Lifestyle actions to improve your health in 2022

The last two years have been a difficult time for people all over the world because of the still ongoing Covi1-9 pandemic. Here are some lifestyle choices you can make to improve your health in 2022.

1. Attend your Covid-19 vaccine appointments

2. If a modified Covid-19 vaccine is offered in 2022, get it

3. Wear a well-fitting FFP2 mask when needed

4. Don’t Smoke

5. Exercise regularly

6. Eat 5 portions of fruit & vegetables every day

7. Eat plenty of high-fibre foods

8. Limit your sugar & salt intake

9. Limit your alcohol intake

10. Take time to improve your mental health

11. Take time off work for holidays

12. Make time for friends and family

13. Check your blood pressure

14. Get a good night’s sleep

15. Listen to experts on health issues and not random people on social media

16. Don’t spend too much time on social media

Of course, our health is determined by many other important factors – such as income, poverty, education, housing, employment and the environment. We need to work together to tackle these important issues.