Author: Isabella von Holstein

New briefing paper getting ready to take off

View of desk with laptop screen displaying an IMSE briefing paper, with two more IMSE briefing papers lying on the desk.
The first proofs of IMSE briefing paper number 9 have been received!

I’ve been working with a great team of authors for a year to develop a briefing paper about low carbon fuels for aviation. We’re looking in depth at biofuels, power-to-liquid fuels (AKA synthetic fuels) and hydrogen. This is the first briefing paper that I’m taking though the production process in my time at IMSE. There are another 2 in the works, due out later this year.

We’re launching this on 1 March 2023 at 15.00 in South Kensington. Book your tickets here. This event in joint with the newly-founded Brahmal Vasudevan Institute for Sustainable Aviation.

IMSE people – Lingfeng Griffin Gui, MRes alumnus

Over 2022, we’re catching up with some of the people who came to study at IMSE on the  Molecular Science and Engineering MRes. They are now going on to a wide variety of exiting jobs in the world. The IMSE MRes has been running since 2017, so there are more than 30 MRes alumni! This week, we speak to Griffin Gui, who studied at IMSE in 2018-2019.


Academic-industry partnerships: risk, money, ideas and skills

One of the fun things I have to do in my job is find ways to increase collaborative research between IMSE and commercial companies. This is complicated. Research is risky, it’s expensive, it’s built on constantly generating new ideas, and this only happens with the right mix of the right people. How can we make all of this happen? One of the ways is with big collaborative research projects which are part-funded by industry and partly by public investment. In this post, I look at how this works.