Take your research to QPR Football Club

Find out how Imperial researchers can engage the public in their work at QPR’s annual Community Day.


What is the Community Day?

On Saturday 10th March, Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) Football team are hosting their annual Community Day which celebrates White City and local people before the game. This year, QPR are expecting around 500 people of all ages to visit the event and they have asked whether any groups at Imperial would like to organise a stall.

What would I need to do?

To run a stall from 12.00–14.30, that involves some form of activity or discussion around your research area. Participants would be expected to prepare something interesting and engaging, ideally with interactive activities for residents. It will take place at Play Football, which is located next to the stadium.

But I have never done public engagement before?

This is the perfect event for first timers! The Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC) can help you develop ideas and plan an activity suitable for the event.

Why should I do it?

This is a great opportunity for researchers to discuss their work with the public, in a fun and informal environment. Researchers do public engagement for many different reasons, including:

  • To gather new perspectives to inform their research
  • To educate the public on their research area
  • To develop communication skills

How do I get involved?

If you would like more information or help planning an event, contact Will Kendall (w.kendall@imperial.ac.uk) from the Patient Experience Research Centre by Wednesday 21st February.



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