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Imperial Lates: Space – 07 December 2023

Join Dr Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut and host of the Zero Pressure podcast, for an expert panel at Imperial Lates exploring how humans might live and work on the Moon. This will include key insights from Monika Brandić Lipińska (a bioengineer based with the NASA Ames Research Center and Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment), Dr Josh Rasera (Postdoctoral Researcher in Lunar Mineral Processing at Imperial College London), an Dr Jill Stuart (an expert in the legality and ethics of space at LSE).

When: 18:30-19:30, Thursday December 7th

Where: Imperial Lates, Main College Entrance

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MedTech startups panel discussion event – 15 December 2023

MedTech startups panel discussion event
Maximising pre-startup funding & the transition from Imperial researcher to start-up lead

Friday 15th Dec, 14:00-15:00, SKEM 164, Skempton Building, South Kensington
Moderated by Prof Jonathan Jeffers

We warmly invite early career researchers innovating in MedTech at Imperial College, including Clinical Research Fellows, Clinical Lecturers, Post Doctoral Research Associates (PDRA), PhD Student/clinical PhD Students, Research Assistants and Masters Students, and all Imperial College MedTech innovators interested in attending to join us at this event.

The focal points of the panel discussion will revolve around two pivotal themes: “Maximizing Pre-Startup Funding – Understanding the Essentials of a Strong Proof of Concept (PoC) Funding Application” and “Navigating the Transition from an Imperial Researcher to a Leader in the Startup Sphere.”
Panel participants:

Dr Max Munford, Osstec Limited, Founder and CEO
Dr Dorian Haci, Mint Neurotechnology Ltd, Founder and CEO
Melis Eda Ekinci, Woost Ltd, Founder and CEO

To attend, please register here at your earliest convenience. Please use an Imperial College email address to register.

PhD sessions – Developing self-compassion to overcome Imposter Syndrome – 07 December 2023

PhD sessions – Developing self-compassion to overcome Imposter Syndrome 
Thursday, 7 Dec 2023 12:30-13:30h, in person, at the Chaplaincy

In Academia it is easy to feel that we are not doing enough, or not achieving enough. We might even feel we are not worthy of studying or working in our positions. This is called Imposter Syndrome and many of us experience it in our lives. In this session we will explore practices of self-compassion. Being able to treat ourselves as we would a good friend, can help us thrive and work well with others.

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