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Eat Cake and Donate Fundraiser – 04 December 2023

Dyson School of Design Engineering has organised a Eat Cake and Donate Fundraiser, taking place on December 4th, 2023, from  11am to 4pm at Dyson Fusion Cafe.

This is an opportunity for the Imperial community to come together, enjoy delicious cakes, and raise funds for a meaningful cause – this year, all proceeds will support the British Red Cross Emergency. Your presence makes a difference, and we’d love to see you there! If you’re passionate about baking, consider volunteering to contribute your favourite cake to the event. Thank you for being a part of this special day.

President’s Community Fund

With the President’s Community Fund, the College is looking to invest in new spaces across all campuses for students and staff to work, socialise, and collaborate in a post-pandemic world.

Both students and staff are invited to submit proposals, and collaborative proposals co-created by staff and students are encouraged.

This year the fund has already supported new and upgraded common areas, greening of outdoor spaces and improvements to shared co-learning and co-working hubs.

The fund has £1 million available annually and applications will be assessed quarterly by the  Operations and Infrastructure Committee.

The next deadline is on 30 November

Find out more including how to apply.

Newly minted Network of Excellence in Women’s Health!

We’re delighted to share news that there is now a Network of Excellence in Women’s Health at Imperial College London – set up to promote inter-disciplinary research innovation in women’s health and gender-based health equity!

The network is the result of the successful application by a 30 person-strong steering committee representing all four College Faculties and has a membership of more than 160+ staff and students from across the College interested in women’s health and sex and gender equity. To date, we have convened a scene-setting event in June 2022, participated in a Community Health Roadshow in Brent on International Women’s Day 2023, taken part in the 2023 Great Exhibition Road Festival, and facilitated cross-disciplinary supervision of Master’s students in International Health Management, Epidemiology and Public Health. Our scope is broad – with eight wide-reaching, inter-disciplinary research themes for collaboration, including: gender-sensitive innovation and design, gender lens on data, sexual and reproductive health, healthy ageing, women’s health and the environment, gynaecological health, women’s wellbeing and society, and optimising disease prediction and prevention. There is something for everyone!

The network’s formal recognition by the College will enable expansion from its strong roots to advance equity in women’s health, and provide national and international leadership in trans-disciplinary women’s health research. Plans include hosting sandpit sessions around funding bids, networking and capacity-building webinars, continued contributions to public engagement activities in North-West London and beyond, hosting of student projects, a launch event in 2024, and developing a website presence dedicated to the Network of Excellence in Women’s Health. Much of these plans will be realised in the New Year so watch this space! In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out more or wish to engage, do get in touch at or Co-Lead, Carinna Hockham: You might choose to sign-up to the regular e-newsletter, or join the conversation over on MS Teams.

Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to be a part of the Network of Excellence’s next chapter. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Upload your research seminar through Cassyni, for free

Cassyni is a platform for universities to organise, run, and publish online seminars in which researchers talk about their latest work. Seminar recordings are enhanced using Cassyni’s proprietary AI technology to produce high quality transcripts, extract slides, and resolve references to scholarly works contained in the talk, linking seminars to the wider scholarly literature. The enhanced recording is then published with a DOI making it part of the scholarly record.  

Funded through the Imperial Experience Project, in 2023-2024, the Graduate School is piloting a collaboration with Cassyni, to provide all Imperial PhD students the opportunity to publish a seminar about their research, for free, helping to increase the impact and visibility of their work and build research connections.

Once published your seminar will receive a citable DOI giving you another research output to add to your academic CV, helping you to stand out to future employers and increasing the impact of your research.

Find out more and access the dedicated Imperial sign-up portal

International Family Network

Do you have your family , that can be either just your partner or partner and children , with you while you are studying at Imperial?  If so do join the International Family Network we organise lots of fun events and trips such as theatre trips to West End Theatres , trips to tourist attractions and also on campus events such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children.

Please email Shelagh for more information and to join the mailing list

Imperial Brand Project: share your views

We have begun a piece of work to strengthen Imperial’s brand.

During the consultation process on our institutional strategy many of you expressed huge pride in Imperial’s achievements. But you also urged that we tell the Imperial story with more confidence.

The Imperial Brand Project responds to this.

The goal is a brand identity that better reflects Imperial’s ambition and vision, helps us communicate more effectively with all our audiences, and differentiates us more clearly from others.

This should bring multiple benefits, from student recruitment, to attracting new partners and funding, to our general reputation and ranking.

We want all parts of our community to help shape this work.

Today we begin a period of engagement with our whole community on the initial ideas for our verbal and visual identity that will run until 13 October. We are excited to share this work in progress and we hope you will see how your team and roles can be reflected in it – as well as the ambition and aspirations you have shared for Imperial.

Please visit the project webpage where you can watch a video presentation and share feedback, and register your interest to attend a feedback session hosted by the design studio, Pentagram.

Apply for the Imperial Award

The improved Imperial Award is open to all students at Imperial, and can help you:

  • Develop practical self-reflection skills
  • Improve your ability to pitch yourself to various audiences
  • Gain a formal recognition from the College

The Imperial Award is designed to help you make the most of your experiences while at University by reflecting on them against the skills (attributes) valued by employers, and the wider community (such as leadership, problem solving and creativity).

Graduate School course mapping to Imperial Award

The following course mapping has been made by the tutors and programme leads for the Graduate School courses to highlight courses that may assist in recognising and developing attributes for the Imperial Award.

This list is not exhaustive but allows those attending these courses to consider the highlighted attribute when preparing their submission for the Imperial Award.


Imperial award gives you the opportunity to realise how much you’ve gone through, reflect on yourself, and more importantly makes you passionate to do more and make a difference! Being recognised not only by your educational achievements but also by your life experiences is something very unique and wonderful.” – PGT IA Achiever (2020)

Find out more

Advice, support and funding for publishing open access books

We recommend that authors ask fellow academics in their department for discipline-specific advice on where to publish monographs and edited collections. For authors with a particular interest in publishing open access, the Directory of Open Access Books is a good resource for finding trusted publishers, and can be searched by subject, language, and publisher.

If you are funded by one of the research councils that make up UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), their new Open Access Policy requires that monographs, books chapters and edited collections agreed with publishers from 1 January 2024 are made open access with a Creative Commons licence within 12 months of publication. This can be via a publisher’s website, platform or a repository, such as Spiral. Please contact the Open Access team ( for more information if this applies to you.

If you hold a grant from the Wellcome Trust, their policy requires that you approach them about making any books or book chapters you author available from NCBI Bookshelf and Europe PMC. Where an open access publishing fee has been charged, works should be immediately available without embargo and licensed to support their re-use, preferably with a CC BY licence.

ICU Advice Service

The ICU Advice Service is a free, confidential, non-judgemental and independent service for all students studying at Imperial College.  If you are experiencing a problem with your studies, your halls or you are looking to make a complaint against the College – the Advice Service is here to help. If we are unable to advise you with your query, we can point you in the right direction. Our advice Caseworkers can signpost you to the relevant service or organisation. Additionally, if you are a student facing financial hardship and are finding it difficult to afford food, the Advice Service can issue you a food bank voucher.

To access the Advice Service, students will need to email and complete the registration form sent. A team member will be in contact within 3 working days to arrange an appointment or provide information. More information on advice areas can be found on the Advice Service website.