Train at any cost. Stay persistent

Eating healthier, becoming more athletic and so on can be found every year again among the Top 5 New Year’s resolutions. However, several studies show sobering results. Already after 2 weeks (roughly now) the first ones will start dieing off again, in March 75 % of the resolutions are supposed to be forgotten.

Every one of us knows this: sometimes you are sporty, sometimes you are not. The causes are as diverse as the cultural diversity of the Imperial College. Exam phase stress, social projects or permanent events such as weddings, birthday etc. We live in a busy world.


Nonetheless, it is essential to constantly re-evaluate oneself and at least return to basic forms of exercise. Because even a bit of sport is better than none! Our body is designed for movement! It really doesn’t matter what you do. It’s just important that you do something!


After an acclimatisation period of no longer than 30 days, the internal resistances usually decrease. If not, the form of sport may not be right for you. But there are 12580 others you can try out! 🙂 I got stuck in boxing ages ago and now I train several times a week in the gym, too. However, I also went through phases in which I only did yoga, for example, because I had too much to do. In fact, yoga is more strenuous than I thought it would be. And with continuity it also achieves the desired effects! Too expensive? Go for YoutubeYoga! Super explained and easy to imitate.

Fortunately, the Imperial College has recognized the importance of sport and provides its students with free access to fitness studios throughout the city. There is also an incredibly wide range of sporty activities on offer: from badminton and boxing to sailing boat trips, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.


With this in mind – stay active & don’t give up on your goals for 2018! 🙂



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