The learning toolbox for MSc Business Analytics

The MSc in Business analytics is an intense year of rigorous technical and quantitative training. It prepares students to solve business problems using a variety of statistical, operations research and machine learning techniques.

What you learn in class is usually just a small part of what you end up doing in group projects and homework. There is a huge amount of good resources you can use to learn new material or enhance your knowledge in a topic.

In this blog, I wanted to share the most useful sources I found in case you’re planning to pursue this program at Imperial.


Before you start the program: the basics

Statistics and probability

Start by revising your math skills in statistics and probability. Khan Academy provides a great and interactive program to refresh what you need to know before starting statistics, econometrics and machine learning.

Code, code, code

Before you start this master’s program, it is immensely useful if you can already code at least the basics in python and/or R. Try at least doing a python and R basic course.

Some useful links:

  • Data Camp
    • This is probably my favourite platform. It provides loads of short modules to learn from the basics to advanced topics in data science. They have interactive courses to start learning R and Python.
  • CodeAcademy
    • Good free courses in Python.
  • CodeSchool
    • Well prepared videos to learn to code. You can learn Python there.


Once you start the program: expand your knowledge

Statistics and Econometrics

To understand the theory of different the topics covered in Statistics and  Econometrics, I would highly recommend you to watch the videos of Ben Lambert on Youtube. He’s great at explaining the different topics you’ll be covering with examples and visualisations.

Other good sources are R-bloggers,  MathWorks and CrossValidated by StackExchange.

Machine Learning and Network Analytics

Have a look again at DataCamp. They provide good insights into the algorithms you’ll learn using R and also Python.


For everything else, make sure to have a look at the books recommended in each course and don’t forget to google everything! Also search in youtube. There are a lot of people as Ben Lambert that make great videos to explain different topics.

If you have any other resources that you would recommend, feel free to write them down in the comments below.

Good luck studying!

One comment for “The learning toolbox for MSc Business Analytics

  1. Hey) thanks for your post! Just wanted to ask, are the resources you’ve mentioned suitable for absolute beginners? How to choose the correct one… I’m a complete newbie in programming, and want to start with some basics to proceed into deep… I guess one should start with basic notions of OOP..? how to choose a correct course for this? some time a studied at, only the parts that are free..but still for me it appeared hard to understand, i guess because of lack of background. Is that true that one can learn basics only at the computer science high school?
    will appreciate your reply)

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