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Accelerating innovation by raising ambitions – the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial through a young person’s eyes

PhD student Luciana Miu
Luciana Miu, PhD student at Imperial College London

Article by PhD student Luciana Miu.

With the rising urgency of climate change and a sore need for global commitments to sustainable energy, it’s no surprise that intergovernmental partnerships and initiatives are taking centre stage these days. Perhaps the most important example from the energy sector is the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), a high-level forum of 25 countries advancing programmes to accelerate clean energy deployment, recently coupled with Mission Innovation (MI), another global initiative which seeks to build public and private investment in clean energy technologies. However, up until the most recent annual CEM/MI meeting, one aspect of these ambitious initiatives remained puzzling.

There was no structured presence of youth at the meetings.


Customised healthcare to predict outcomes in cardiovascular surgery

Ms Selene Pirola from Imperial College London
Selene Pirola, Department of Chemical Engineering

Article by Selene Pirola and Chloe Armour.

Selene Pirola, Research Assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, is researching the fluid dynamics of blood with the aim of being able to better predict outcomes of cardiovascular surgery. Specifically, her most recent research looks at the impact of blood flow and pressure in patients treated for aortic dissection.


INWED18: My journey into engineering and how I’m smashing the engineering stereotype

Our final blog to celebrate International Woman in Engineering is written by Dr Maria Papathanasiou, who tells us about her journey into engineering and how she combines her two loves: science and acting. She wants to empower female engineers to be themselves, regardless of whether or not they fit the stereotype, and help ensure that engineering is an accepting and welcoming environment.


INWED18: The engineering gender-gap in school age children

As part of our blog series for International Women in Engineering Day, Hannah Moran, a Doctoral Researcher in Matar Fluids Group/Clean Energy Process, explores the reasons for the gender gap in science subjects beyond GSCE.  She makes the case for raising awareness of engineering as a career option to encourage more young people, particularly girls, into the profession.


INWED18: Dr Kyra Sedransk Campbell asks how we challenge the belief that engineering ‘isn’t for girls’

Dr Kyra Sedransk Campbell is a Royal Society-EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. As part of our celebrations for International Women in Engineering Day  we asked her to tell us about what sparked her interest in chemical engineering, and the importance of raising the profile of female engineers in order to inspire the next generation.