Month: May 2020

Breakdown of First Year Courses

Hello! I’m Richard and I’m a first-year Computing student from Singapore who is trying to adjust to life in London. I like to read, play sports and go to the gym in my free time. I live in Southside halls and I’m part of the Imperial College Singapore Society. As I am revising for my summer examinations in May, I would like to take this opportunity to give a breakdown of the courses we took in the first year to give incoming undergraduate’s a better idea of what is to come and for those who have experienced it to reminisce about the good times. Note that Programming is structured differently so it will be covered in another post.


In One Sentence:

How to express ideas in a precise and systematic way to avoid ambiguity.


It started off pretty rough as we had to get used to the many different notations quickly. Turns out logical reasoning is a very important basis for other subjects. Honestly really fun at times when solving logical equivalences and natural deduction as it felt like solving a puzzle.