Month: June 2020

First Year, Wrapped Up

Hello! I am Chloe and I was born and raised in Hong Kong but went to Sixth Form in Cardiff, Wales.

I am currently a first-year undergraduate here at Imperial College London for MEng Computing. Having been exposed to both sides of the globe, I would like to bring you Imperial College London, in a “when East-meets-West” approach. I am massively into anything tech-related, mathematics, and diving (SCUBA).

My first-year at the Department of Computing has flown past, and we’re now into the last couple of weeks of the academic year. I never expected such an unorthodox experience with the COVID-19 situation but it has been a really interesting experience throughout.

From the fun and informative freshers fair to a hectic second term with all sorts of hackathon’s and events which ended abruptly after London went into lockdown, to eventually a fully remote summer term. Throughout this, the department has been listening to students to provide a better experience.