8 festive content design tips

Small dog wearing a santa hat holding a laptop displaying the Content Design blog.

Before everyone goes away for a well earned break, I thought I would summarise 10 months of blog posts into 8 bitesize tips.

Warning: this post may contain puns, tenuous festive references and cheesy rhymes.

1. Avoid giving an unwanted gift…

Create user stories and give your content a liftWoman looking disappointed with an unwanted gift

Try and have a user or job story for each page of your website to ensure all your content is wanted.

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2.  Write out your cards and put up your tree…

A card sort or tree test with users is neat

Imperial College holds a Creative Lab experience for pupils from a local school to design and create a Smart City technology/ object, 9th November 2017 Photography by Fergus Burnett Accreditation required with all use - 'fergusburnett.com'

Card sorting is a great way to get your users involved and to give you an idea of how they think and group content.

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3. Making a list and checking it twice…

Carry out an audit of your pages is nice

When you are planning a website redesign you should always audit your current site to see what you have to work with.

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4. You don’t have to pull a cracker on your own…

Two people pulling a Christmas crackerWrite with someone else and set the tone

Pair writing with a subject matter expert will help you to understand their subject and you can help them explain it to more a general audience.

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5. golden things!

Before you write any new content, ask yourself these 5 important questions:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. Why am I writing this document?
  3. How will my reader use this information?
  4. How should I present the information?
  5. How am I going to measure success?

6. It’s beginning to look a lot like…

A competitor analysis

As part of your research, It’s useful to look at how your direct competitors are communicating to similar audiences.

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7. Make sure you are on his good list…

Have accessible content. You get the gist!

Use descriptive headings and links in your copy and alternative text for your images.

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8. Deck the halls with Imperial photography!

Did you know that there are over 150,000 images on Imperial’s Asset Library? Use these to enhance your web pages.

I wish everyone a lovely break, and a happy new year!

Animated image via GIPHY showing Santa flying through a snowy scene on his sleigh pulled by his reindeer.

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