Infectious Diseases Hub speaks to tuberculosis experts from CICH seminar

Last week IGHI’s Global Health Forum linked up with the Centre for International Child Health (CICH) for the first event in their bi-monthly seminar series focusing on the question, ‘Tuberculosis- why are we not winning the fight?’

One of IGHI’s seven centres, CICH aims to facilitate multi-disciplinary research partnerships and educational activities for global child health and joins up existing international child health research activities within the College and beyond.

To mark World TB Day, the speakers of the event, Dr Pete Dodd of the University of Sheffield, Dr James A. Seddon, Dr Elizabeth Whittaker of Imperial College London, and chair of the event and CICH Director, Professor Beate Kampmann spoke to the Infectious Diseases Hub (IDH) to have an in-depth discussion on the challenges in tuberculosis. IDH is a free online knowledge hub which aims to provide up-to-date, essential research and information on all aspects of virology and microbiology, from bench to bedside.

Click here to listen to the podcast (registration required).

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