IGHI people: Meet Marianne Knight, Director of Operations, Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery

A photograph of Marianne

IGHI is home to a team of staff who are skilled and passionate about their roles. Our talented people are the reason we’re able to tackle some of the most pressing global health challenges through cutting-edge innovation.

To mark our 10th anniversary this year, we’re giving you the chance to get to know some of them a little better and learn about what motivates them in their roles, who inspires them and what they like to get up to outside of IGHI.

Meet Marianne Knight, the Director of Operations for our Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery. Learn more about her role in helping run the day-to-day activities of the Centre.

What does your role involve? 

My role is to lead the development of the new operational management for the Hamlyn Centre. It’s exciting, busy and varied. I cover multiple work streams, from organising events, marketing and communications, to staff management, finance and research project coordination. The varied aspects of the role keep me motivated, interested and put me at the centre of things that I really like.

What attracted you to the role? 

Throughout my career I’ve always been attracted to roles that allow me to create something from the beginning. This position opened up at a very exciting time in the Centre, as it transitions to new management and develops closer links with the wider College. I feel my role is integral to this new phase of the Centre’s evolution.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words? 

Dedicated, creative and diplomatic (demonstrated here in the selection!).

What’s your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

One of my landscape photographs was selected for a small gallery exhibition in Greenwich in 2013. I had only been doing photography for a couple years at that point, and I was really pleased to have made the cut!

Who inspires you? 

My line manager when I worked at Keele University, Professor Mim Bernard. She was a fantastic person to work with. She had a wonderful ability to bring people together, to re-energise staff who had been demoralised for years and get them excited about new projects. I learnt a lot from her, and I hope I’ve gained a small aspect of that skill.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

To know all the languages of the world.

Tell us a secret talent about yourself

I make a mean spanakopita!

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