Making care safer: What’s it like to study our MSc in Patient Safety?

St Mary's Hospital where our MSc Patient Safety team are based

Last year, our Institute launched a new fully online MSc Patient Safety Programme. Developed in partnership with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the course aims to develop global leaders and changemakers in patient safety who can catalyse improvements and innovation in healthcare practice across the globe. As we open applications for its second year, we’re delighted to have a student from our first cohort, Charlotte Parsley, share her experience of the course with us.

“I have a clinical background in midwifery, specifically in patient safety and clinical governance. I chose to further my education with Imperial due to my strong interest in patient safety and Imperial’s academic reputation.”

Developing practical knowledge and tools

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“I really enjoyed studying the Health Systems and Policy module. This enabled me to learn things that weren’t taught in my first degree in midwifery—for example, the skill of critically appraising literature.

“During this module, I explored the evidence used for the NICE guidance about induction of labour for women. The course taught me to delve deeper into the rationale of creating the policy and understand the systems and evidence behind it. That is a really valuable skill. For the Improvement in Practice module, we’re taught tools that can be applied in practice. I engaged in discussions on how to sustainably implement changes in health systems and how to measure the outcomes from a patient safety perspective.

“Although the dissertation module is in the second year of the programme, students have two primers (orientation modules) in year one for them to dive in. My current role involves completing patient safety investigations and I hope that my dissertation will focus on my work.”

What is the workload like?

“During a typical week, I spend a couple of hours each evening on weekdays studying the course materials. I also devote an “eight to five” day at weekends to absorbing and reviewing the study materials. As this is a master’s course, the workload at times can be demanding, but it’s manageable and rewarding as I’m passionate about patient safety and the education teams are supportive. To get the most of it, you need to engage with the content, which is really interesting.”

Networking opportunities in patient safety

“Apart from the robust academic foundation and supportive staff at Imperial, another aspect that I enjoyed about this programme is meeting a group of like-minded people who are all working towards the same thing. Although my peers are from different disciplines, they all share the same goal of making patient care safer. The opportunities for networking are amazing. There are a number of other midwives on my course. We’ve all come together to support each other which has been lovely. I am really enjoying the course.”

Applications are now open for our MSc in Patient Safety. If you want to accelerate your career and become a leader in the field, visit our website for more information and to apply.

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