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Featured Shoot – Silwood Campus

Exploring the Imperial campuses

Each of the nine Imperial campuses have their own personality, but the one that resonates with me the most is Silwood Park.

A student examines a plant in a greenhouse.Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London [Click Image to expand] (more…)

Image of the week – Lasers and Liquid Nitrogen

“Can we have an image of the Klug Lab’s lasers?”

The interesting process of getting this image of the lasers in Professor David Klug’s lab…

A picture of the light paths of green and blue lasers reflected by lenses.Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London  [Click Image to expand]

Featured Lab – The Thin Film Technology Lab

A Cathedral of technology.

This week I had the opportunity to shoot some new images in this amazing lab space in Bessemer.

Image © Thomas Angus / Imperial College London  [Click Image to expand] (more…)