Newly minted Network of Excellence in Women’s Health!

We’re delighted to share news that there is now a Network of Excellence in Women’s Health at Imperial College London – set up to promote inter-disciplinary research innovation in women’s health and gender-based health equity!

The network is the result of the successful application by a 30 person-strong steering committee representing all four College Faculties and has a membership of more than 160+ staff and students from across the College interested in women’s health and sex and gender equity. To date, we have convened a scene-setting event in June 2022, participated in a Community Health Roadshow in Brent on International Women’s Day 2023, taken part in the 2023 Great Exhibition Road Festival, and facilitated cross-disciplinary supervision of Master’s students in International Health Management, Epidemiology and Public Health. Our scope is broad – with eight wide-reaching, inter-disciplinary research themes for collaboration, including: gender-sensitive innovation and design, gender lens on data, sexual and reproductive health, healthy ageing, women’s health and the environment, gynaecological health, women’s wellbeing and society, and optimising disease prediction and prevention. There is something for everyone!

The network’s formal recognition by the College will enable expansion from its strong roots to advance equity in women’s health, and provide national and international leadership in trans-disciplinary women’s health research. Plans include hosting sandpit sessions around funding bids, networking and capacity-building webinars, continued contributions to public engagement activities in North-West London and beyond, hosting of student projects, a launch event in 2024, and developing a website presence dedicated to the Network of Excellence in Women’s Health. Much of these plans will be realised in the New Year so watch this space! In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out more or wish to engage, do get in touch at or Co-Lead, Carinna Hockham: You might choose to sign-up to the regular e-newsletter, or join the conversation over on MS Teams.

Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to be a part of the Network of Excellence’s next chapter. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!