Recruitment Day/Interview for MEng Civil Engineering

I wrote on my previous blog that this day was the day I fell absolutely in love with Imperial. It was the day I remembered when I was completely unmotivated to revise for my A level. The day I looked back when I was excruciatingly and patiently waiting for my A-level results.

The day started with getting a coffee, I mean obviously, duh. I went to the Skempton building, slightly nervous, but I convinced myself that if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. I was directed to a room, where the magic happens. (By magic I mean the interview, if you don’t know it already). I chatted with a few people in the room, some of which are my classmates.

The recruitment day started with the strangest possible question. I’m sorry, I have to be honest. I vividly remember one of the question was relating a pineapple and an essay. I vaguely remember having to relate a tree and an efficient time management. It was strange, but it calmed me and assured me that I can do the next stage of the admission process, the maths test. Plus, it gives me unforgettable memory of that day.

We were then shown around the campus, both the department and Imperial. That tour honestly made me feel like an insider, I wasn’t just another name trying to get in. Instead, I felt a sense of welcomeness. Something I didn’t thought I could get at a world leading university. This might not be the reason a lot of people come to Imperial. I came here not just because of its sterling academic record, but to be somewhere where I am welcomed for who I am.

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  1. Hi Veronica,
    What sort of questions were you asked and what was the format of the interview day?
    Many thanks,

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