The life of an International Student

I thought having gone to a boarding school would make my moving to Imperial easier. It didn’t. This is my life as an International student.

In front of the departure gate, I forced my parents to stay for half an hour to say goodbye. Like any other, this goodbye wasn’t easy. It never was, but turning 17 last year, I thought it would make saying goodbye much easier, it didn’t. I sat on an airport munching on a homemade food one last time before I go and don’t know when I’ll see them again. Was it hard, truly it was. But a week passed by, and another week was fresher’s week. I went through fresher’s week and all the fun made me forgot I miss my family.

Term starts, I immerse my head on lectures, by that I mean trying to actually go to lectures. Through term times I eventually accepted the fact that this is my responsibility, that I had to be here and work hard. But then, Christmas approached. Hearing everyone saying that they’re going home, seeing their loved ones, I envied them. I miss having someone do your laundry for you, or cook dinner, or drive you to school, or make you warming chicken soup when you’re sick.

Another term passed by, I felt the overpowering feeling of needing to go home, so I booked a flight home. I wanted to tell my parents how much I want to see them, how much I wanted them to put their life on hold for me. But I suppose that is just a casualty of being an international student living 18 hours flight away from home. The upside, you are free-er than ever, hell you can do whatever you want.

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