2 weeks in 2nd year!

When I was on my first year, I remember every single second year people said, second year is gonna be tough. Two weeks in, and I feel great, I feel better than ever.

You know why I feel great. I spent my first year, trying to figure out the person that I wanted to be, doubts and all. In the process, I jeopardize my academic record, and I had to push so hard a week leading to exam week, that I felt like my body are disintegrating. I slept in one of the exam room, during the exam. The worst thing that could happen on exam week happened to me. But despite all that I passed, and I’m alive, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I did. 

Is second year tough? So far, no. I know that it’s gonna get harder, but somehow I’m not scared anymore. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right. First year nearly killed me, and I got out the other side. Trust me, some people don’t find first year easy, don’t be so hard on yourself if you find it hard. 

Okay, so what have I been doing for the first 2 weeks of term. Well, you would’ve think the first week is fresher’s week. Yeah, no. That’s not how we roll at Imperial. I landed in London on Monday afternoon after an 18 hour flight. Lecture started on Thursday, and my stored clothes are barely delivered, my room is an absolute mess, I don’t have a skincare or a shower gel, or a coat. Guess what, Thursday is pub crawl, and Friday is 10AM lectures. Woohoo! Yes we do have social life, I mean work hard play harder, am I right?

Second week be like:

Monday and Tuesday are 11AM to 6PM lectures.

Wednesday is free from lectures, but hey there’s that event with Shell.

Thursday is 9AM to 6PM lectures, with 3 hour lunch break in between, and

Friday is free-day.

Somewhere on my non-lecture time, Networking (which includes free drinks *winks*), social life, seminars of personal interest, and hobbies, well and more networking. Oh, and tutorials and some pre-readings. Honestly you’re in London, there’s so much interesting event to go to, if only I could clone myself and go to all those events.

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