Girls in Computing, Opportunities and Options?

Hello! I am Chloe and I was born and raised in Hong Kong but went to Sixth Form in Cardiff, Wales.

I am currently a First Year Undergraduate here at Imperial College London for MEng Computing. Having been exposed to both sides of the globe, I would like to bring you Imperial College London, in a “when East-meets-West” approach. I am massively into anything tech-related, mathematics, and diving (SCUBA).

Think about Women in STEM, SET and Engineering, there is a general increase of awareness for Women in these male-dominated subjects where girls are not often actively joining the sector. So as a girl in DoC, what can the department offer? What can we do to make 50:50 gender ratio possible?

Many events target female students in this area, and DoC (and DoCSoc) have provided me with many opportunities for career building and networking. I am very glad to be able to join some of those events:

LSEG WIN Afternoon Tea Session – Technology and Innovation

Women in Innovation and London Stock Exchange Group organises events that gives girls an insight into Technical Careers, and this is one of the first events of this academic year. The event started with a panel session with professionals in the Technical side of the Financial sector, then we have a rotation where Young Professionals who have recently graduated and joined LSEG via the graduate scheme came around each table where we were given opportunities to ask questions and network. This is my first proper event in the Financial area of Technology and it has given me an all-rounded insight into the sector.

Women’s Engineering Society is a massive society formed a century ago, encouraging girls and women to go into the very male-dominated engineering sector. They organise annual Student Conferences for ambitious Female students who are joining the industry and recent graduates pursuing Chartership. Through this event, I have met hundreds of girls who are in other academic institutes that are doing different disciplines of Engineering. We have also had many inspirational speakers which include Pinkspiration’s Founder Lisa Marie Brown, who has talked about her ambitions and what she has currently achieved (alongside her pink Maserati which went viral on the internet). This two day Conference, kindly funded by Department of Computing, has been a great opportunity for a first-year who has not much idea what her future career will be, to explore and find their interests, and know that we are not alone and there is a lot of support for female students in Computing.