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Highlights from my autumn term – musicals, Research Fest and my ski trip

Hello! I’m Richard and I’m a first-year Computing student from Singapore who is trying to adjust to life in London. I like to read, play sports and go to the gym in my free time. I live in Southside halls and I’m part of the Imperial College Singapore Society. Time flies when you are having fun (or drowning in coursework) and Autumn term is already behind us. I have really enjoyed my first term and would like to share some of the highlights of the term both in school and out.


Having heard much about the theatre scene in London, I was excited to experience it for myself. I have watched 3 musicals since coming to London. The first was the Phantom of the Opera in the Grand Circle. Although it is a classic, I found myself really confused for most of the first act and even a little bored during the draggy parts. Due to our distance from the stage, we couldn’t really see the actors’ faces, which really affected how absorbed we can be. However, I was really impressed with the singing of the actors. It was also really interesting to see how they managed to portray so many different environments on a single stage.

Next, I watched The Book of Mormon in the stalls. Do not be fooled by the name, the musical is far from a boring religious documentary like the name suggests. I was pleasantly surprised at the quirky irreverent humour reminiscent of early days South Park. Being closer to the stage this time means I can actually distinguish between the different characters, making the entire experience much better.

Lastly, I watched Les Misérables in the front row. While my wallet did not appreciate the sudden weight loss, it was well worth the experience. Being literally an arm’s length away from the band means the best possible music quality (I could really “hear the people sing”) and being able to see every facial expression on the actors’ faces allowed me to get completely immersed in the story.