President’s Awards for Excellence in Education

The President’s Awards for Excellence are annual awards to recognise staff members who have made outstanding contributions in Culture and Community, Education, Research, or Societal Engagement.

The President’s Awards for Excellence in Education celebrate staff who have made outstanding contributions in teaching and teaching innovation, research supervision and supporting the student experience.

President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching
For outstanding teaching quality, organisation and presentation.


Sian Powell, School of Public Health

Fouzia Khan, National Heart and Lung Institute


Michelle Rogan, Business School

President’s Awards for Teaching Innovation
For outstanding innovations relating to teaching practice. 


Mark Sutton, Department of Earth Science & Engineering

Risheka Walls, Department of Medicine


Mitesh Patel, Department of Physics

President’s Awards for Excellence in Research Supervision
For exceptional research supervision, encouragement and support.

Deniz Gunduz, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

John Tregoning, Department of Infectious Disease

Anne Cori, School of Public Health

President’s Awards for Outstanding Assistant Supervisor
To celebrate and recognise the valuable contribution that postdocs make towards the supervision of the College’s PhD students.

Award: Fiona Walport, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

President’s Awards for Excellence in Supporting the Student Experience
For outstanding contributions to enhancing the student experience made by any members of staff at the College (academic, professional or technical).

Medal: Jenna Mollaney, School of Public Health


Alexander Furr, Faculty of Medicine Centre

Tiffany Chiu, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship

Jennifer Simeon, Department of Surgery & Cancer


You can read more about the awards in our news story.