President’s Awards for Excellence in Research

The President’s Awards for Excellence are annual awards to recognise staff members who have made outstanding contributions in Culture and Community, Education, Research, or Societal Engagement.

The President’s Awards for Excellence in Research recognise staff members who have made outstanding contributions in early career research, research support, as part of a research team, and in research innovation and external collaboration.

President’s Awards for Outstanding Research Team
Celebrates the achievements of research teams at Imperial, recognising outstanding research that delivers impact, a team’s international standing and their beneficial contribution to Imperial. 



  • Group lead by Magda Titirici


The Tribology Group (TRIB)

  • Daniele Dini, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Hugh Spikes, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Marc Masen, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Amir Kadiric, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Janet Wong, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Tom Reddyhoff, Department of Mechanical Engineering

President’s Awards for Outstanding Early Career Researcher
Celebrates the academic excellence and development of Imperial’s early stage researchers.


Alalea Kia, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Maxie Roessler, Department of Chemistry

President’s Awards for Research Support Excellence
Recognises the contribution of research support staff at Imperial, including the beneficial effects their support has given to Imperial research and the innovative approaches/good practice they bring to a project. 


Ian Clark, Department of Physics

Steph Pendlebury, Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering


Sarah Al-Beidh, Department of Chemistry

Infectious Disease Research Support Team

  • Michael Crone, Department of Infectious Disease
  • Kirsten Jenson, Department of Infectious Disease
  • Marko Storch, Department of Infectious Disease

President’s Awards for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Celebrates the achievements of academics at Imperial, recognising unique activities breaking new frontiers, the effective and appropriate exploitation of research, and realised or prospective economic or social impact.


Paul Mitcheson, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Sandro Macchietto, Department of Chemical Engineering


You can read more about the awards in our news story.