Spotlight on: Jenna Kempton, IT Service Management Lead (Interim)

Jenna Kempton, IT Service Management Lead

As women in technology we should use our strengths relating to engagement and multi-tasking to deliver great solutions. You have a voice – use it! Don’t be embarrassed to ask about areas that you feel need more focus and never be afraid to ask follow-up questions.

I joined Imperial in December 2021 as the Change and Release Lead. This means I track planned changes within our environment to ensure they have been planned and tested via release management and then considered by their peers through the change management process.

For the last nine months I have also been covering the IT Service Management (ITSM) Lead role which has meant as well as dealing with change and release Management I have had to oversee the processes, procedures and work related to the service we provide. This covers a broad range of areas including advice, solution development and service improvement.

What do I love about my role?

One of the best things about this role is the variety of areas that you get to engage with. This ensures you are always ready and able to learn about other areas being worked on and allows you to consider it from all sides including the technical, user and customer journeys, as well as any impacts relating to downtime, communications, users and any simultaneous conflicting activities or changes

In my role as the ITSM Lead, I really enjoy engaging with different business areas and finding ways we can improve how they deliver their services and the way they work, which all in turn improves user experience and customer satisfaction.

How did I get here?

Prior to joining Imperial, I worked in local government working for Southwark Council for 18 years starting off as a personal assistant and moving into project management. I dealt with everything from business reviews to headquarter fitouts. I was focussed more on the customer side with an external IT Service provider where we needed to manage their service delivery and engagement to ensure any required changes to take place were planned into the schedule.Jenna Kempton, IT Service Management Lead

I worked as the equivalent of a Product Owner for a number of the property management systems which were used to manage the council’s assets and deliver the housing, revenues and benefits services. I was able to get a well-rounded view of systems and services through third-party procurement process and on occasion having to transition these service back to an in-house provision.

Having initially trained in the Prince 2 project management style I have also completed a number of courses in human-centred design and the UK Government Digital Services’ design principles.

My future aspirations

In the future, I would like to get an in-depth understanding of every product we manage. I look forward to watching the development of the replacement for ICIS and SOV as part of the Great Service programme.

I enjoy seeing the pride and ownership we show in ICT in delivering the best we can for our students and customers. I am interested in moving into a product owner role as I like the idea of being able to deep dive into one section of services and doing all I can to ensure that we are getting the best outcomes and improvements for our users and customers.

My influences

I am grateful for my experience of powerful women who have demonstrated that through commitment and hard work, you can be proud of who you are and know that you have done the best that you can.

There is satisfaction to be found in a job well done and it is so important to do something you enjoy. I have a bad habit of working too much, but balance this with knowing that I will be able to hold my head up and know that I did all I could.

I have had a number of managers who always ensured they built their staff up and supported them in progressing and developing even if that would mean they moved on. I ensure I take the same approach with my team and that my staff know exactly what they are expected to undertake and ensure they are appropriately challenged and have opportunities to learn and develop. I believe that by providing a safe and supportive team environment, you can inspire staff to take ownership and initiative of the work they do and they will then model this behaviour in their engagement with others.

Managing a work-life balance

Jenna Kempton, IT Service Management LeadI find it hard to be idle so I enjoy a number of hobbies – some would say too many! I originally trained as a chef, and although having to cook for my husband and three children means it can feel more like a chore, I still love baking and find the routine and process relaxing,delicious and not at all disrupted by listening to true crime podcasts!

When I get some time to sit down and watch television, I am usually crocheting or working on a Sashiko project which help to address my creative side and I love that at the end you have something to show for your efforts.

My advice

Always try and avoid going into a situation with preconceived ideas and solutions.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, the agents and the technical side and ensure that you consider the entire user journey to identify where the issues are, so that any proposed solution is fit for purpose, delivers what you set out to achieve and improves the overall user experience.

As women in technology we should use our strengths relating to engagement and multi-tasking to deliver great solutions. You have a voice – use it! Don’t be embarrassed to ask about areas that you feel need more focus and never be afraid to ask follow-up questions.

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