Spotlight on: Haneen Shariff, Digital Education Support Analyst

Haneen Shariff

I am committed to nurturing the next generation of female leaders in technology and facilitating pathways for their success.

As a Digital Education Support Analyst, I provide assistance and guidance to individuals using digital educational tools and platforms. This includes troubleshooting technical issues, offering training sessions, and developing resources to enhance the digital learning experience.

What do I love about my role?

The opportunity to empower others in their educational journey through the effective use of technology.

How did I get here?

My fascination with education technology began during my time at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, where I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration, and a concentration in UI/UX design. Following my passion, I crossed continents and found myself at The Harvard Graduate School of Education, where I pursued a Master’s degree in Technology, Innovation & Education.

Over the course of my academic journey, I’ve been exposed to cutting-edge educational technologies and pedagogical approaches, broadening my perspectives on education and its intersection with technology. Alongside my educational endeavours, I gained experience in student services and worked as an Applications Analyst at Qatar Foundation. More recently, I was entrusted with establishing an ICT department for an upcoming school and university.

My future aspirations

Haneen ShariffI am driven to expand my role in mentoring and empowering young women within the tech industry. My experience as an alumni interviewer for Harvard has granted me a unique perspective, now finding myself on the opposite side of the table where I once sat. Moreover, being nominated for the ‘Everywoman’ awards in the Digital Star category has intensified my dedication to supporting and championing women in digital fields.

I am determined to advance my expertise in educational technology and pursue leadership roles in this domain. I am enthusiastic about exploring opportunities for advanced training and certifications, which will deepen my understanding and enable me to make a more significant impact in the realm of digital education.

I would also love to be involved in the creation of internship programs tailored specifically for young women. These initiatives aim to provide them with invaluable opportunities for learning and growth in a supportive environment. Such programs not only offer practical skills and experience, but also foster a collaborative community where both mentors and interns can learn from each other. I am committed to nurturing the next generation of female leaders in technology and facilitating pathways for their success.

My influences

My parents have been the most influential and inspiring figures in both my career and personal life. They have always been my pillars of support, giving me the wings to fly and encouraging me to dream big. From a young age, they instilled in me the belief that nothing academically was ever off-limits, regardless of my gender. Their unwavering support and encouragement propelled me to pursue my passions and strive for excellence in all endeavors.

One of the most valuable lessons they imparted to me was the importance of continuous learning and self improvement. They always encouraged me to up skill myself and pursue further education, knowing that knowledge is the key to unlocking new opportunities and achieving success. Their belief in my potential and their dedication to my personal and professional growth have been instrumental in shaping the person I am today.

Maintaining a work-life balance

Haneen ShariffCreating a work-life balance is crucial for my well-being, and I prioritise it by taking life outside work as seriously as in work. I plan my week and weekends in advance, ensuring I have events and activities to look forward to. One activity that fulfills and energises me is networking. Being new to London, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and exploring the vibrant restaurant scene in the city.

Whether it’s attending Harvard alumni socials or participating in Ramadan meetups, London offers a plethora of opportunities for social engagement. These networking events not only allow me to expand my professional circle but also enable me to immerse myself in the rich cultural diversity of the city. By engaging in activities that bring me joy and fulfillment, I find that I can recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

My advice

One invaluable piece of advice for women entering the tech industry is to prioritise education, recognising that knowledge is a powerful asset that can’t be taken away. Give yourself due credit for your work, and don’t shy away from occupying the space you deserve in any room. Embrace the confidence to contribute your ideas and skills and when you do so, don’t forget to portray kindness and empathy to other women who were once in your shoes.

Bonus material

Haneen is a finalist in the Digital Star category at the 2024 everywoman in tech awards.

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