Month: January 2022

Multi Factor Authentication

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional authentication step when authorising access to College resources.  Your college username and password provide a level of protection for access, but adding an additional factor that you control adds greater security.  By using MFA you have an additional control in securing your login.

Why is Imperial using MFA?

MFA is now enabled for all Imperial accounts (staff and students) to provide additional security and reduce the potential for account compromise.

How to do “easy” MFA

The best tool to enable easy MFA is the Microsoft Authenticator app available for Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

ICT encourage all users to use the Authenticator app.  Download to a personal or college device and use to authenticate your sign-in.  Provide a code from the app or choose to respond to “push” notifications (allow or deny the request).

If you have a suitable watch (Apple watch, Samsung watch or other connected device) you can respond directly to push requests from the watch interface.

ICT recommends using the app rather than a phone call or text message.  There are documented cases of “SIM cloning” to intercept phone calls and text messages.

Additional Support

There is more information and instructions on how to set up the authenticator app on the Microsoft support pages.

If you need additional help contact the ICT Service Desk using the Self-Service pages.