May the force be with you (c)

Hi guys,

Sorry for being away for a long time. Preparation for exams of the second term took several weeks, and it was really challenging task. My own strategy was the next one:

  • 1 Revision: Watching lecture captures, reading all articles, cases etc. and making short sum ups – 3-4 days for each subject;
  • 2 Revision (A week before exams): Going through lectures slides and sumps ups – 1 day for each subject;
  • 3 Revision (During examination week): The same one – 1 day for each subject.

I hope it will be useful for you. For any other information about exams please feel free to contact me.

The next day it was May the 4th, and it is considered as a holiday to celebrate Star Wars culture, so I have watched several episodes, and must say that it was pretty cool relaxation.

New deadlines are coming soon, so a little latter will share our group experience of bidding for a Consultancy Project and creating project for Entrepreneurship course.

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