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Anna Horlacher
Name: Anna Horlacher
From: Germany
Programme: MSc Strategic Marketing

“I’m Anna from lovely Munich, Germany. My greatest hobby is travelling and exploring foreign cultures which is why I spend my last holidays in Japan! My most recent passion, however, is photography. I will try to integrate its results into my Imperial blog so that my hobby may benefit you too, guys!”

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Anneclaire van Not
Name: Anneclaire van Not
From: The Netherlands
Programme: MSc International Health Management

“Hi there, My name is Anneclaire and I am originally from the Netherlands. Last year I finished my BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College and now I am here in London. Besides enjoying life with friends, I am really into dancing, hip hop music, video editing and design. With my blog I will try to keep you updated on my life as an MSc student at Imperial. Feel free to comment on my posts if you have any questions and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.”

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Ion Agirrezabal
Name: Ion Agirrezabal
From: Basque Country (Spain)
Programme: MSc International Health Management

“I am a Biochemist with experience in research and pharmaceutical industry, and currently enjoying this amazing experience at Imperial College Business School! But apart from my professional life, I love sports (hiking and martial arts), ska and rock music, and, of course, having a beer with my friends and family!”

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Avanti Gupta
Name: Avanti Gupta
From: India
Programme: MSc International Health Management

“Hey, my name is Avanti and I’m from the busy but beautiful city of New Delhi, India. I’ve come to London and to Imperial College as I do enjoy to push myself to learn more and be better! I am sure that all the new and amazing sights and sounds, and things to do both on my course and at London will make this happen! I really enjoy people’s company, music, creative writing, interesting conversations and adventure, in any shape or form.”

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Traci Wai
Name: Traci Wai
From: Canada
Programme: MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

“I’m a third culture kid with two brothers and parents who all live in different countries. I’ve lived in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, France, Canada and the Philippines, but I’ve spent most of my childhood in Bangladesh where I had the time of my life growing up – as one of my friends’ mom used to put it – a ‘savage child’.”

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Name: Ali-Abbas Punjani
From: United Kingdom
Programme: MSc Finance

“Hi, My name is Ali-Abbas and I’m on the MSc Finance Programme. I graduated with a BSc in Economics from Warwick University earlier this year and now I’m back in London for my Masters degree. I interned at Morgan Stanley last summer and will soon be embarking on a career in Investment Banking. My hobbies include travel, tennis and badminton.I’ve never blogged before so this is all new for me but I hope to really help you decide whether Imperial is the best choice for you. Please feel free to contact me about careers, life at Imperial, the nature of the course or anything else.”

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Igor Stefanyuk
Name: Igor Stefanyuk
From: Ukraine
Programme: MSc Strategic Marketing

“Experienced in marketing and media fields. Totally mad about all these modern digital trends and technologies. Hope, you will enjoy my blog. For any questions just e-mail me:”

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Mia Tariq
Name: Mia Tariq
From: Pakistan
Programme: MSc Strategic Marketing

“I’m Mia, from the beautiful city of Islamabad, Pakistan. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was ‘in the womb’ (stole that one from X-Factor), and I absolutely love dancing; from Bellydancing to Bhangra and the infamous lightbulb move, I’m there. Read about my academic and social life on this very blog!”

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Name: Niv Vig
From: United Kingdom
Programme: MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering

“I am a lifelong Arsenal fan and enjoy going to watch football matches in my spare time. Apart from spending University life playing FIFA and going out, I graduated from Royal Holloway with a First class Honors in Economics and Mathematics; gaining a strong interest in the financial markets along the way.”

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Vincent Gan
Name: Vincent Gan
From: China
Programme: MSc Economics & Strategy for Business

“Music, delicious food, movies and travel are all my favourites~ I also welcome you to ask any questions you have~!”



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