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>>> Flashback

Oh god, February went by faster than I expected and so much has happened!!

Where to start though…I need to do some sort of a recap of the past month because honestly, it wasn’t just a busy month (no weekend in 4 weeks!!); it was, above all things, a seriously fun one!

Beginning of Feb: FRANCE

First, I was in France at the beginning of the month for about four days. I had flown to Lyon for 2.5 days to catch up with some old friends who took good care of me when I was studying there back in undergrad. It was awesome to see them again after five years even though we do keep in touch through email.

My First Birthday Celebration in London!!

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday with a bunch of friends over an awesome Turkish dinner. It was a semi-surprise party organised by a friend who – I learnt that night – had originally set out to plan a surprise event …but then must have somehow forgotten when he sent me a facebook message to tell me about what he was doing. I guess once he realized what had happened, he decided that the guest invited would simply remain a secret ….along with the location of the dinner. With him claiming to know exactly who all of my friends were, I was quite eager to see who’d turn up at the party!

The Business School’s Cross-Programme Night

I was going through the pictures on my phone today when I came across a catalogue of photos from a really fun night I had at the Business School’s cross-programme event that was held back in November. I should have posted about it ages ago, but it sort of got forgotten in the midst of all the deadlines. So here’s a slightly delayed peek at what went down that evening:

As an intern for the events team at the Business School, I help out at some events with things like set up, break down and registration. Since I was going to be attending the cross-programme night, I figured it would be fun to help with some of the organization too, especially since I knew there was going to be a big game to get people ready for.

The disease effect.


I spent the night super sick with the painful flu that’s been travelling around Imperial. I don’t think I’ve ever had a full blown flu over one night – with no hints of it approaching! Of course it happened the day I had three meetings, a quiz, class and a team dinner. GRRrrrrr! The weekend was just a day away!!

Without much energy to do anything, I spent the day at home trying to find things to think about while I lay in bed with a dizzying fever – coughing my lungs out. Growing up, I only ever used to get sick once every few years.

The bear has found its way out of hibernation!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Time flew by so quickly, I can’t believe it’s 2013 –

————–2013 and…. just to add to the volume of annoying comments about the end of the world, let me say this – it’s a miracle that Facebook made it through the 21st of December without wanting itself to crash from sheer exhaustion of having to display the same Armageddon jokes and comments over and over again!

I have to admit that it was rather fun reading about all the people who stocked up on food, First Aid supplies and other non-perishable items on the 22nd. As one of my friends put it, – the end of the world means the end of the world for..well 

Team Video Attempt 2.0!

It’s fixed!!! My incompetencies led me to posting a title. I know. I’m sorry! It’s the real deal this time though!!

Here’s the video produced by Six and the City for OB-HRM. The objective of the film was to teach at least one cross-cultural difference in a 5 min film

We won third place for most popular video. Check it out!




this was our prize:

…a box of “Quality” chocolates that we found… really hard to digest…

but we were determined to eat them all so we rationed the “chocolates” out over three meetings and forced each other to be diligent about eating our fair share!

“Six and the City”


Teamwork anyone?

After spending the entire (and I mean ENTIRE) night with my syndicate team to complete an assignment for our accounting class, I’m probably a little too tired to be writing anything coherent right now – but the fact that I’m actually free at the moment makes me feel like I MUST write!! I’ve got to introduce you to the people I spend an unreasonable amount of time with to achieve…*ahem*…. great things for the future!! You will see.

In the MSc programme, each student is assigned to a “syndicate team” (decided by the school), a group of people you work with on all assignments (except, perhaps a couple) throughout the semester.

Here’s one more Blogger

Get to know me

In this very first post, I guess it is only appropriate for me to introduce myself. As you’ve probably already figured out, I’m Traci – female Traci like Tracy Chapman and not Tracy Morgan or Dick Tracy.

Though clarification at times can be necessary when you’re called Traci and you apparently sound like your brother, the great thing about having a unisex name is that you can get that brother to pay your bills, answer surveys, and do your banking all by phone for you with very little questions asked. Coming from a country where privacy laws make it nearly impossible for anyone other than yourself to set up your phone or internet connection, it’s such a relief to have the option of being a man some days.