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The Lonely Planet Guide: Imperial, RMFE

First things first… Apologies for not being able to update my blog regularly. It has been a hectic couple of months, namely with exams, partying after exams and assessment centres (in that order). I’ll begin with the exams as that’s probably what will appeal to most of you. So there were four of them… Risk Management, Financial Statistics, Stochastic Calculus and Investment Portfolio Management. They were bloody hard!! To be fair, Risk Management and Financial Statistics were ‘fair’ papers as students who studied had the ability to do well. Stochastic Calculus was another paper that was reasonable although there was not sufficient enough time to finish the paper with most students complaining about this issue.

The Art of Perseverance

It has been two weeks since I last put pen to paper regarding my thoughts about the course and the lapse in time is solely due to the ‘hecticness’ of the RMFE course. Mid-November has seen work load increase dramatically having approximately 2 coursework’s due every 10 days (with some projects reaching up to 3000 words excluding Excel calculations) however these are generally team projects which helps lighten the pressure. Exams are a mere 3 weeks away and I still haven’t had time to revise yet- definitely worrying times. On a lighter note, Arsenal did thrash Spurs 5-2 over the weekend, so those 90 minutes definitely allowed me to forget my work responsibilities and relax!

A New Journey Begins…

Hello to all who are reading this, my name is Nirvair Vig but I’m known as Niv. I am a first time blogger and will definitely learn from this blogging experience as I hope you all will to as I aim to give you a sense of how it’s like studying at the Imperial College Business School. I am a student on the MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering course class 2012-13 and I am very much enjoying my experiences on the course so far. I have only been here 7 weeks but time is flying. Within this time, I have attended over 20 events (mainly consisting of presentations from investment banks), attended some of the most interesting lectures and have also managed to become student ambassador and academic representative for the RMFE course this year.