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Quick Update

It’s Easter already! It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing my masters applications, but alas this year is coming to an end.

I’d like start this post by saying how happy I am about the numbers of people that read this blog. I have been inundated with emails and Facebook messages asking about the course, applications, careers, etc.. Please keep them coming!

This term I took three modules – Venture Capital, Advanced Financial Econometrics (AFE) and Asset Pricing and Derivatives (APD). The APD and AFE exams were challenging but manageable. Fortunately, there were no big surprises.

A New Term

I must start by first apologising for the lack of posts recently, I will promise to try and do better this term.

I had a great Christmas and managed to spend most of it on a beach free from the stresses of life at Imperial. Having exams before the holidays has one obvious advantage – for the first time I was actually able to have a proper break from University and come back re-energised for another term.

I felt that last term was a real scramble, with job applications, interviews, assignments and revision all piling up. But fear not, second term has been much more relaxed with fewer contact hours (3 modules compared to 4 in first term) and  job-related pressures.

Under Pressure

Okay, so its week 7! Arghhh..what have I done with the last six weeks?! With exams approaching in week 10, and lectures not finishing till the end of week 9, revision has become a top priority.

The key to succeeding at Imperial is time management. Having become accustomed to leaving revision until the Easter holidays in preparation for summer exams both at Warwick and at school, it came as a bit of a shock when the programme director told us we would be examined before the Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks. I have found that making notes on lectures every week and actually doing the background reading before lectures has been a great way to stay on top of things and to build understanding every week, rather than cramming in the last few weeks of term.

High Expectations

Hello fellow students. My name is Ali-Abbas and I have just started the MSc Finance Programme here at the Business School. Previously, I studied Economics at Warwick University.

Having been interested in Finance from an early age I applied to the Masters programme to really fill the gaps in my technical knowledge before launching into a career in Investment Banking. After interning at Morgan Stanley over the summer I realised that a Masters degree in Finance would really help me to advance within the field as well as differentiate myself in the recruitment process.

My plan was always to come back to work in London after my undergraduate degree but Imperial’s reputation, partnership with the CFA Institute and top ranked Finance Programme in London, made it an unmissable opportunity.