Some Highlights.

Some highlights of the past two weeks:

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Big moment today: officially had the last day of classes for my MSc International Health Management. During this day we presented our findings on the healthcare consultancy project we have been working on for the past weeks (and obviously I needed a new suit for that – left on the picture). My group worked at Charing Cross Hospital looking at operational (in)efficiency at a cancer outpatient clinic. It was very interesting to do and staff at the clinic was very nice. What our group found particularly enjoyable but also challenging was applying the models from theory to the ‘chaos’ of the real world.

After the presentation, I went for Muay Thai training, although it was crazy hot in the gym, the training was really nice and intense as usual. After training I rushed back to the Business School for a final gathering with my fellow students. Our programme director gave a final speech and handed out some awards, ranging from most like to become a millionaire to the most smiley student. We all had the opportunity to vote for our fellow students and it was very funny to see who had to make a little walk of shame to pick up certain awards, such as worst hangover or most notorious late comer.

Picture 2:

Last week, we had a Business Plan Competition at the Business School. Each group of IHM students was required to come up with a business idea and present these during the competition day. My group came up with HOP, Health Open Platform, which in a nutshell is an online platform to connect diverse stakeholders (startups, pharmacy, academia, etcetera) to form connections. The platform also had a big CSR component called the HOP Foundation aimed towards reducing inequalities between the developing and developed world. As I spent hours building the Prezi presentation for my group, you can understand that I am really happy and proud to announce my group won the Business Plan Competition along with a 1000GBP!

Picture 3:

My parents came to visit last weekend, which was wonderful. It was great to see them again and catch-up after a long time. The weather was great too, so we just walked around London and went to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A (I highly recommend you to visit the exhibition, it’s very cool) Oh, and the food (see picture) was amazing!

Picture 4:

Finally, after weeks of shivering and feeling cold, London is warm and sunny! It’s been so warm for the past days that I’ve been able to walk around in shorts and dresses without layers of tights and vests over it, shocking.. Let’s pray it stays like this for a looooooong time!

Talk soon!


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