Month: November 2012

Team Video Attempt 2.0!

It’s fixed!!! My incompetencies led me to posting a title. I know. I’m sorry! It’s the real deal this time though!!

Here’s the video produced by Six and the City for OB-HRM. The objective of the film was to teach at least one cross-cultural difference in a 5 min film

We won third place for most popular video. Check it out!




this was our prize:

…a box of “Quality” chocolates that we found… really hard to digest…

but we were determined to eat them all so we rationed the “chocolates” out over three meetings and forced each other to be diligent about eating our fair share!

Visiting Synergy Health

When you arrive at Imperial College, you will immediately notice that there is much more to do than just follow lectures related to your studies. There are many social events, but also a wide range of formal events. The Imperial College Business School organises, for example, employer events on weeknights during which various companies give talks on their company or business they are involved in or on topics related to their business/company. For students of the Business School this is a great opportunity to gain more insight in the business world and to learn a bit more about possible future employers.

Descriptions about the courses we had

Hello~ Very welcome to my blog. This time I will share more information about the two courses we finished, “Business Economics” and “Economics and Strategy for Innovation”.

For Business Economics, it is a fundamental course which introduces elementary economic concepts such as marginal costs, sunk costs, game theory, and elasticities. Besides the PPT slides uploaded for each lecture, our professor also prepared a 100-page note so as to help students who did not have much economics-related knowledge before. In addition, there were also three tutorials focusing on problem solving in order to assist students in preparing for the final examination. Although I did not major in Economics for my bachelor degree, I could still find that the contents covered in the lectures and notes were comprehensive and not very difficult.

Applying mgmt to life in gens!

This post of mine won’t give you immense insight into my day-to-day life at the Business school but will give you a glimpse into the amazingly awesome education that we receive on the International Health Management course at Imperial College Business School. Here are the top three pieces of wisdom from the modules:


  • The Rule of One: Some things, cannot be reduced below one… deal with it!
  • The Will Sutton Rule: Will Sutton was a bank robber and during his forty-year criminal career he stole an estimated $2 million and eventually spent more than half of his adult life in prison.

Mobile trends from Microsoft

I promised in my previous post to write a short summary about mobile trends from our guest speaker lecture and here it is! Just to remind, the speaker was Dr. Alexandros Papaspyridis, Windows Phone Partner Lead, Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe.

So, in 2011 smartphones outsold PCs for the first time (700M smartphones in 2012). Smartphone became leading consumer device. The main reason is way of using electronic gadgets. Laptop we usually use at work or at our desks; tablet is couch companion for content consumption, mainly entertainment. Meanwhile smartphone is always with you and it’s so-called on-the-go consumption (waiting in line/bus, eating, shopping, travelling, socializing).

a bit late to the party

23 hours of flight time, four inflight movies, two Bloody Marys, and five questionably edible economy class meals is what it takes to get from Middle Earth to the Old Smoke.  Me being excited about getting off the plane as we land on the Heathrow runway is probably an understatement. Not only was my back sore, but I was beginning to think that my seat had permanently contorted the shape of my backside. 

I quickly make my way through customs and out of the airport. As I walked around like a headless chicken looking for anything that marginally resembled a shuttle or taxi, I had my first opportunity to soak in the atmosphere. 

Autumn projects

The autumn term will finish in less than 1 month, and we have already submitted four projects out of six. Last week was really stressful. Deadlines were coming just one after another and it was not easy to manage everything in the same time, but ultimately we performed well. It seems that everyone enjoyed our last Old Spice presentation for Branding course. Yeah, it is really perfect branding strategy, and the company not only changed brand perception from old fashion to trendy one, but also doubled their sales. Just if you are interesting, our presentation is available for downloading.

Team working brings lots of benefits and really matters!

Under Pressure

Okay, so its week 7! Arghhh..what have I done with the last six weeks?! With exams approaching in week 10, and lectures not finishing till the end of week 9, revision has become a top priority.

The key to succeeding at Imperial is time management. Having become accustomed to leaving revision until the Easter holidays in preparation for summer exams both at Warwick and at school, it came as a bit of a shock when the programme director told us we would be examined before the Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks. I have found that making notes on lectures every week and actually doing the background reading before lectures has been a great way to stay on top of things and to build understanding every week, rather than cramming in the last few weeks of term.

The Strategic Marketing Legacy

I’ll be honest, the best part about being enrolled on the second year running of the Strategic Marketing course has the benefit of what I like to call the Alumni Legacy, which was presented to us in the form of a ‘Where’s my distinction, man?!’ session by two gloriously experienced students from last year.

Often, in the first few weeks of your degree programme, you find yourself slowly wheeling off the edge of sanity, trying to balance yourself on the mounds of coursework, exams (approaching sooner than I can count to January), exploring London and spending time with your chums. Everyone has a load of random friends from the past scattered about the big smoke, and everyone definitely has a load of friends who suddenly decide it’s the perfect time to visit.