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Microsoft Teams Premium licenses

The availability of third-party tools for Meeting AI capabilities, such as Meeting Notes, Actions, etc., has been rapidly rising.

Unfortunately, these AI systems are beyond Imperial’s reach or trust at the present time – see Imperial’s AI and Education Guidance Hub pages (https://www.imperial.ac.uk/about/education/resources/ai-education-hub/).  Additionally, licensing such capabilities is expensive and may expose college data to use in the training of future AI models such as ChatGPT, etc.

Staff who wish to use meeting AI can now request a Teams Premium license through ICT.

The Teams Premium license costs £20 + VAT per user per year (or part thereof).

What’s in the Teams Premium license?

Teams Premium licenses deliver intelligent meeting recaps, live translations, and advanced event capabilities.

Meeting AI—If you record or transcribe a meeting, the AI will generate a meeting summary and a list of actions recorded during the meeting.

Live Caption translation—A Teams Premium license allows meeting attendees to choose the language into which the captions they view are translated. There is a list of 40 current languages, with more being added constantly.

Advanced Event experiences—If you are a webinar or Town Hall user, the Teams Premium license will add additional functionality to these event offerings.

You can find out more about these features at Microsoft’s Learn site for Teams Premium (https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/intelligent-productivity-with-microsoft-teams-premium-d5b02821-b9b1-4687-8c77-2f903ea68ad2)

How do I request a Teams Premium License?

You can order Teams Premium licenses by completing the request form at https://servicemgt.service-now.com/ask?id=sc_cat_item&table=sc_cat_item&sys_id=62ad78231b060a14557837b5464bcb97.

Once checked, the cost will be charged to your nominated cost code, and the license will be provisioned against your account.

N.B. Teams Premium can only be provided for users with an A3 or A5 license – please validate your license eligibility by going to the photo profile or initials in your Office 365 pages (https://office.imperial.ac.uk), then clicking on view account and choosing the subscriptions element. When viewing your subscriptions, you must check that you have either “Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty” or “Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty” applied to your account.