The experiment has begun …

I can hardly believe it but the 10 incredibly busy weeks which constituted our first term at Imperial are actually over! Yet, that doesn’t imply that the busy weeks are over, too! On the contrary – I am not yet sure which part will prove to be busier: the 10 weeks during term ot the 3 weeks after –  until our exams at the beginning of January! Which just leaves me with one question: how much can one possibly read (and memorise) in three weeks time? Our core readings (not to mention the additional readings) in conjunction with the extensive lecture slides exceed everything I’ve experienced before – at least within such a narrow timeframe. As we were constantly having group assignments during the term, it proved to be hard to keep up with the required readings in parallel. This means we have to catch up with everything now – during our Christmas “holidays”… And this, in turn, means my time is rare – for I also made plans to see all my friends here, back in Germany, and have some fun, too! So, I need to leave you with this brief post – but I’ll let you know about the outcome of my experiment! 😉

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