Dr Dalal Alrajeh, Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Department of Computing

“I completed my BSc in Information Technology at the King Saud University, before coming to Imperial to study for an MSc in Computing and PhD in Distributed Software Engineering.

“I was an Imperial College Research Fellow 2013—2017, which really provided a great springboard into a full career in academia. My research work focuses on software engineering – understanding the processes and methods that are utilised in the design, development and maintenance of software. I collaborate widely, particularly with academia and industry in the USA as well as Belgium, Ireland and Argentina.
One collaboration that still attracts a lot of interest is my work on comparative case analysis with the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). Crime analysts scour large amounts of crime records in search of consistent yet distinguishing behaviours (e.g. perpetrator’s method of attack) to identify potential linkage. It’s a hugely complex cognitive task so we are developing a support tool, based on formal methods and artificial intelligence techniques, to suggest and explain possible linkage.”

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