Month: December 2019

Jack Elkes, Clinical Trials Statistician, School of Public Health

“I appreciate the flexibility, the work attitude and opportunities for development at Imperial. I am very proud to work for Imperial, a university at the forefront of research.”

Before joining Imperial, I worked as a biostatistician at IQVIA on a large scope of projects in various disease areas and trial phases. I have always enjoyed using an analytical approach to problem solving, which is why I studied for an MSc in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I have always been interested in healthcare, so before I became a statistician I undertook a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Brighton University.

At Imperial I have two roles. Firstly, I work as a clinical trials statistician, working collaboratively with other researchers to set up, run and analyse novel interventions to evaluate their benefit in patient care. My day can include designing a new study, writing analysis plans and programming statistical analysis. (more…)

Dr Thulasi Mylvaganam, Lecturer in Control and Multi-Agent Systems, Department of Aeronautics

“Being Norwegian, I have a great love for the outdoors and I will search for any excuse to be on a mountain! I like to spend my time hiking, running, rock climbing and traveling… and I absolutely love snow – it’s magical!”  

I first came to Imperial to complete my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) back in 2006. I’ve always had a special interest in mathematics, so once I got my first introduction to control engineering in my second year, I was smitten. I completed my PhD in nonlinear control with Professor Alessandro Astolfi in EEE, and I am now a lecturer in the Department of Aeronautics.

My job involves doing and supervising research on various topics in control engineering. We follow an abstract approach: we describe a system (any system!) with a mathematical model and develop systematic methods to design feedback to make the system behave in a desired manner. The abstract approach makes control engineering very powerful, which is why it is everywhere! (more…)

Dr Adam Davis, Teaching Laboratory Manager, Department of Chemistry

“I was supported by the Learning and Development Centre in becoming a Chartered Scientist (CSci) – my proudest moment at Imperial so far.”

I began my career at the University of Birmingham in 2011, where I studied for a degree in Chemistry with Pharmacology. Shortly afterwards, I completed a MRes in Environmental Nanoscience, investigating the potential impact of manufactured nanomaterials on the environment and a PhD in synthetic and analytical chemistry, devising new nanosensor materials to make pH measurements in micro-environments. (more…)