Camille Foncel, Student Hub Advisor, Campus Services

The whole team has worked hard on ways to make ourselves available so students can come to us with questions and concerns.” 

I joined Imperial in May 2017 and work as a Student Hub Advisor. I enjoy the variety in my work and talking to people from many diverse backgrounds. A snapshot of my day can include supporting a student whose landlord is threatening to evict them, creating a webpage in HTML or holding a presentation for prospective students. 

When COVID-19 hit, the Student Hub also had to hit the ground running, upping our game as the main point of contact for students. We had to react fast and maintain all our support services. My main area of responsibility is Private Housing and I have worked closely with marketing to come up with the #RoadToPrivateHousing campaign 

The pandemic has caused much anxiety and uncertainty for students looking for private accommodation and living in the private sector. I have been working with marketing to develop a new section of the website dedicated to ‘Private Accommodation and COVID-19’ to guide students through their private housing journey: how students can safely view properties, avoid scams and ensure they are protected and know their rights and responsibilities.  

I’ve been making sure that students feel supported and that their voices are heard, especially in the private sector. I’ve been in contact with them via video chat and on the phone. The whole team has worked hard on ways to make ourselves available so students can come to us with questions and concerns. It’s great to see students interacting with us on Twitter and other platforms. Every fortnight I answer students’ questions in our new Q&A video segment.  

The entire team have all worked incredibly hard. We might be working remotely but we want students to know that we are here for them

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