Dr Hamed Haddadi, Reader in Human-Centred Systems, Dyson School of Design Engineering

I’m really grateful to all the colleagues putting in extra effort to limit the impact of the pandemic for our students and their research.”

I’m a researcher and an engineer with a deep interest in User-Centred Systems, Internet of Things, and Applied Machine Learning. I enjoy designing and building systems that enable better use of our digital footprint, while protecting our data privacy/security. I studied at UCL and Cambridge and have worked as an engineer/scientist at BT, Sony, Intel, AT&T, and Brave.  

Alongside my research at Imperial, I teach a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Design Engineering. I am also the Director of Postgraduate Studies for the Dyson School of Design Engineering. This role involves implementing the admissions process, scholarship assignments, progress monitoring, and ensuring adequate supervision and timely completion of our PhD students.    

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our students’ research progress, lab access, and funding. We have been continuously working with the College and our fantastic colleagues at the Graduate School on ensuring continuity of research and overseeing the stipend extension stages, alongside assignment of hardship funds and departmental support for existing PhD students. The rapid development of this process has been critical in providing assurance and a safety net for the numerous PhD students whose research was affected by the pandemic due to constraints such as lab access, equipment supply, or inability to carry out user studies.  

Despite a significant increase in our usual workload caused by the pandemic response, I’m pleased that we have even been able to raise the quality of our processes and standards in student recruitment, admissions, scholarship assignment, and selection committees. I’m really grateful to all the colleagues putting in extra effort to limit the impact of the pandemic for our students and their research.  

To keep sane, I go for a jog, cycle ride, or a paddle when possible. Hopefully, an end is in sight!   

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