Nana Asante Asamoah-Danso, Bioengineering Core Facilities Laboratory Technician, Department of Bioengineering

“I volunteered to serve in the NHS COVID-19 face-shield assembly project during the first lockdown.” 

“After studying Biochemistry, I worked in a few different jobs, but one day of work experience at the UCL Molecular Virology lab helped to guide me onto a science career path. I first worked as a Science Technician in a school sixth form, before joining Imperial in 2017 as a Laboratory Technician in the National Heart and Lung Institute where I supported the Myocardial Function research groups.  

“I thoroughly enjoy working within a university research lab and being surrounded by all the equipment and chemicals. As a Bioengineering Core Facilities Laboratory Technician, I provide research support for the Synthetic Biology labs and manage the departmental utility facility. I also manage the lab coat laundry services and assist researchers and other technicians. I currently deliver safety inductions for staff and students returning to the labs after lockdown. 

“I volunteered to serve in the NHS COVID-19 face-shield assembly project during the first lockdown. We exceeded the 50,000 face-shield production target for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. I was really glad to contribute my efforts toward this life-saving project, and it was a great pleasure to work and interact with other volunteers. I became quite fit working on this project as I cycled for three hours a day between home and work. 

“During the second lockdown, I completed a three-month secondment as a Teaching Technician where I supported the teaching of lab skills and techniques for Molecular Bioengineering modules. In September 2020, I received a Bioengineering COVID-19 award, and shared the Bioengineering COVID-19 Technician team award for my efforts in the department throughout the pandemic.  

“I maintain consistent faith in God, read autobiographies about inspiring leaders, watch insightful TED talks, practise karate, and attend outdoor workouts to keep fit. For the last ten years I have really enjoyed cooking organic foods that contain plenty of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals – this helps to keep my mind and body healthy. During lockdown I also developed an interest in the equestrian sport polo and study it online.”

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