John Aouad, Disability Advisory Service Administrator, Education Office 

“I love getting rid of manual processes and replacing them with automated systems – I get the computer to do all the hard work!”

I have worked in education and inclusion for most of my career. I spent ten years working in the UK, China, and Taiwan teaching English. When I returned to the UK, I worked on the National Citizen Service programme with 16/17-year-olds ensuring the programme met its inclusive targets.    

I joined Imperial’s Disability Advisory Service in January 2019, in a new role as its administrator. I have been working on operational projects to improve the service for both students and staff. This has included implementing an online booking system that allows students to book appointments directly with the team, improving our CRM database, relaunching and managing our website and leading on the transition to Office 365. I am now working on a comms project to ensure students know about what we do.   

Mostly, I love getting rid of (or reducing) manual processes and where possible replacing them with automated systems – I get the computer to do all the hard work! My colleagues have appreciated that I have made the service a lot more streamlined as I have simplified many processes. They spend less time clicking buttons and doing data entry, and more time focusing on supporting students.   

Students have mentioned that they like the recently launched online booking system as it gives them control in managing their appointments and visibility on how busy we are.   

I am very excited about the new visual identity that is coming out for DAS. I have been working with the design team to give our service a fresh look and feel. This will hopefully engage students in our service.   

In my free time I am a regular at the climbing walls in south London.  I also enjoy watching dust settle on my guitar – a foolish lockdown purchase! I am definitely looking forward to going on holidays again, I hope to go cycling around Taiwan and practice Chinese.  

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