Davina Tijani, Research Support Analyst, Big Data and Analytical Unit (BDAU) 

“Being a trusted ally for researchers is vital in my role”

I joined Imperial three years ago, weeks after I finished my Master’s degree in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics at University College London. I work as a research support analyst in the Big Data and Analytical Unit (BDAU) within the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) 

My main role is to support clinical researchers with any enquiries, issues, and questions in relation to their use of the BDAU’s research environment (a secure platform used for clinical research). Other key aspects of my role include data management, managing data documentation and supervising the BDAU Secure Environment operations, including data transfers from our data providers, such as NHS Digital and Public Health England.  

Like many people at Imperial and around the world, the impact of COVID-19 on my job was immediate and profound. However, the BDAU team and I were able to meet the challenges of remote working and continue our work of supporting clinical researchers.   

The strongest impact of my role is the support I provide to researchers in their work in the areas of patient safety, COVID-19, cancer, obesity and other clinical topics. What is vital in my role, is being a trusted ally for researchers across IGHI as they work on their research. My efforts play a key part in making the BDAU a trusted, well-regarded and reliable unit.   

In my free time, I would consider myself a film buff. I enjoy the classics as well as modern films, alongside indulging in the offerings from the wider world of cinema. This has stemmed much from my childhood adoration (which has not abandoned me in adulthood) of manga and anime. In my spare time, I enjoy writing. I mostly write science fiction and fantasy books for both kids and adults – hopefully one day they will appear in bookstores!   





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