Dr Gbemi Oluleye, Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Technology and Policy, Centre for Environmental Policy 

“I develop decision-making tools to support integration and uptake of industrial decarbonisation concepts”

My educational journey started in Nigeria and continued in the United Kingdom where I completed a PhD in process integration. My professional career has followed the same pattern. I worked as a process engineer in both countries and consulted for industrial partners before moving into research and academia. 

My career choice was initially influenced by my interest in designing industrial processes. This expanded into looking at whole industrial systems – minimising resource and energy use, and decarbonisation.  

joined Imperial in 2019 and my research develops and applies concepts at the interface of engineering, economics, and policy to address industrial decarbonisation. I develop modelling and decision-making tools to support cost-effective integration and uptake of industrial decarbonisation concepts such as advanced materials and energy efficiency, fuel and technology switching, carbon capture utilisation and storage, and greenhouse gas removal.  

Mitigating climate change involves reducing and eliminating the flow of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The industrial sector is responsible for over 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is also at the core of developing low-carbon solutions to support decarbonisation of other sectors like power, buildings, agriculture, heating and transport. 

I was a member of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Advisory Board for the Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy and I spent six months on secondment in BEIS contributing to the Hydrogen Strategy. I am also a member of technical working groups on industrial decarbonisation for the Climate Bonds Initiative and Assessing Low Carbon Transition. I think it is important for researchers to engage with parliament and government. I will continue to support accelerating the transition to net zero industry using my research outputs in collaboration with other academics, industrial stakeholders and policy makers.  

I spend my free time travelling, volunteering, and developing food recipes. I would like to see nations and people all over the world realise that equality, equity, diversity and inclusion is key to effective decision making to support climate change mitigation and adaptation. It is also the bedrock of radical innovations in technologies and behaviour. 

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