Joyce Kadibu, Software Developer Apprentice, Information and Communication Technologies

Joyce Kadibu

“My apprenticeship journey at Imperial has been an enriching and transformative experience” 

I can vividly recall writing my first lines of code – the classic “Hello World”. Despite its simplicity, I was immediately captivated by the art of programming. Coding helps to fill my creative urges as it allows me to bring my ideas to life in a tangible way. With each project, I am presented with a new challenge that requires me to think critically and find innovative solutions to complex problems. As a software engineering apprentice, I have been exposed to a diverse range of technical and practical skills that have equipped me with the necessary knowledge to develop complex software systems. 

As a member of the products team in ICT, I have been building systems using programming languages such as JavaScript. The experience has allowed me to gain a better understanding of all sides of the product life cycle, from design to deployment. My current project involves building digital platforms that will improve the admissions process for both staff and prospective students. It’s rewarding to see end users benefiting from the products I’ve contributed to building and knowing that my work has enhanced people’s experience at Imperial. 

Imperial has supported my career journey so far by providing me with the opportunity to work on real-world projects and develop skills that are highly sought after in the tech industry. The institution’s commitment to fostering a community of professionals who are passionate about technology has been instrumental in my growth as a software engineer. The supportive environment has also boosted my confidence and encouraged me to take on new challenges. I am looking forward to developing new skills and gaining experience in cutting-edge technologies, as well as growing my network.  

Outside of my life at Imperial, I am continuing to pursue my passion for flying, as I work towards becoming a fully licensed glider pilot in the next couple years. Being a student pilot has been an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience, and I can’t wait to see where my journey in aviation takes me next. 

My apprenticeship journey at Imperial has been an enriching and transformative experience, providing me with a strong foundation that has prepared me to thrive in my career as a software engineer. I am confident that the wealth of knowledge I have gained through this program will enable me to make a meaningful contribution to the tech industry, and I am eager to see where this journey takes me next. 


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