Celebrating this year’s President’s Awards for Excellence winners


The President’s Awards for Excellence recognises the achievements of staff based on four award categories: Culture and Community, EducationResearch, and Societal Engagement. Among the winners for each specialist area, those who have made exceptional contributions are also awarded with the President’s Medal.

Hear from some of this year’s medal winners:

Imperial 600 committee: Culture and community

“We are so very happy to receive the medal, it was a huge surprise! The network is a place where LGBTQ+ people can get support, meet others who understand our issues, and raise concerns up to Imperial management. We couldn’t run it without our team of incredible and enthusiastic volunteers – but we also rely on allies and supporters to ensure Imperial is a safe, open and welcoming place to work and study.” (Co-chairs of Imperial 600, Aneesha Bhumber and Simon Levey)

Dr Mark Sutton: Teaching Innovation

“I’m thrilled to see my work recognised by this medal, though of course the success I’ve had has only been possible through collaboration with truly exceptional colleagues. I’ve always been convinced that teaching at its best should include a large dose of fun, and using game-industry technologies to deliver material provides many such opportunities, as well as being an effective medium to communicate concepts and experience. I’m working now on systems to facilitate virtual reality teaching both in my home department of Earth Science and Engineering and across college, and my goal is to help Imperial become a leader in the use of these technologies.”

Dr Maxie Roessler: Outstanding Early Career Researcher

“I am of course honoured to receive this medal. It clearly is not just an award for me but also to my past and present research group members. It is truly a privilege to come to work every day and to be surrounded by such talented and motivated people, and I look forward to new adventures with electron spins with them and with my collaborators. In the future, I hope to grow the unique aspects of PEPR, namely the capabilities we have to study very low spins numbers, as well as EPR spectroelectrochemistry. I am also passionate to continue to make EPR more accessible to non-EPR experts.”

Dr Lindsay Dewa: Societal engagement

“I am stunned to be awarded the President’s Medal for Societal Engagement. There were so many amazing awardees, and it reminded me again why I love working at Imperial so much! But I’m so happy for my work to be recognised specifically for how I work – in partnership with people with lived experience all the way through projects, and how film can be used to disseminate research rather than traditional academic papers.  I’m hoping this award can shine a light on the importance of co-production and how other people can implement it in their own work. The President’s Medal would never have been possible without the truly fantastic young people, clinicians, researchers and film producers that I have worked with in the last few years.”


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