Daniela Bultoc, Senior Organisational Development Consultant, People and Organisational Development

Daniela Bultoc

“My journey, from a tour guide in Transylvania to empowering individuals and universities, has been driven by a deep desire to make a positive difference.”

My fascination with human connection began at 14, guiding visitors through the historic birthplace of Dracula (yes, he was real!) in the heart of Transylvania in Romania. This sparked a passion for understanding and supporting diverse cultures, leading me to pursue a degree in social work and social policy followed by a Master’s in Human Rights.

However, it was in Higher Education that I truly found my calling: empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Working in personal development for researchers and academics and supporting them in discovering their strengths and goals, ignited a deeper interest in how universities function as organisations. I fuelled this curiosity with a specialised MBA in Higher Education Management, further equipping myself to contribute to this unique sector and aiming to bridge the gap between the different areas and groups supporting a shared goal.

Currently, as a Senior Organisational Development Consultant based in People and Organisational Development, I offer bespoke consultancy to Imperial’s Faculty of Medicine. I delve into the cultural complexities of different teams, and design solutions for efficient functioning, enhanced performance, and stronger teamwork. This might include advanced facilitation skills training and strategy away days, executive coaching, 360 feedback, or resilient leadership development interventions. I also bring a strategic and holistic organisational lens to support teams to thrive, facilitate change and enable leadership that brings out the best in others.

Beyond individual and team development, I champion employee wellness and foster a healthy workplace culture. As the Staff Wellbeing Strategic Lead, I collaborate with my team to deliver impactful Staff Wellbeing at Work Courses, lead the annual Mental Health Awareness Week, and contribute to the implementation of Imperial’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

My dedication to excellence in developing individuals in universities and leading organisational change has resulted in award-winning programmes recognised by Times Higher Education and University Human Resources. My core values – service to others, integrity, and bringing people together – drive what I do. I find immense satisfaction in facilitating transformational learning experiences, evidenced by participant feedback. Whether it’s delivering talks, presentations, or facilitating teams, I thrive on helping groups achieve strategic clarity and improve collaboration.

Recognising the importance of wellbeing, my husband and I recently embraced a healthier lifestyle by moving near the coast. Long walks, community connections, and yes, even cold-water swimming (the hardest part is the plunge!), all fuel my energy and purpose. This newfound balance allows me to bring my best self to work and it’s a constant reminder of the importance of self-care.

The journey, from a tour guide in Transylvania to empowering individuals and universities, has been driven by a deep desire to make a positive difference. I’m grateful to have found a career that allows me to do just that.

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