Bittersweet Symphony

Hey, my name is Avanti Gupta and I am an MSc International Health Management student here at the Imperia College Business School. I did my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield and really enjoyed my time there so this course has to meet some high expectations that I am sure it will meet!

I come from the capital of India, New Delhi and one might expect me to be quite familiar with the ‘big city life’ at London, however, this isn’t the case! London is, as you can imagine, very different and so it is quite a challenge and a new experience trying to settle in. I’ve been here nearly two weeks now, and though things have been great they have been a bit of a challenge too! I came a bit late and missed some of the induction week due to a visa delay and got a chest infection soon after getting here… So would advise, apply for your visa early and stay warm!

Nonetheless, loving the course, my coursemates and the staff at Imperial is terrific and so friendly. There is a lot going on at the Business School at all times, from career events, to networking events, to evening language classes (I joined Mandarin yesterday) and its pretty difficult trying to fit everything in but hopefully I will manage. For now, I am still getting a hang of the tube journey, the 0845 am starts and the Accounting module…. which is extremely intense given my non-business background! But I am certain it will come together.

I’m really fond of quotes and poems and song lyrics, so will try to share one with you each time I post. For now my favourite is one by Winston Churchill; “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”

😎 Avanti x

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