Delay. Delay, what are you doing? Delay. Stahp!

As you can probably guess from the title above, my flight from to London did not go as smooth as planned. After arriving at the airport, I spotted several flight delay notifications on the screens. At first, only the flight prior to mine was delayed, which made me laugh silently at the people on that flight, since my flight would now probably leave before their flight. But, of course, karma must have heard this silent laughter and in the end my flight was delayed for two hours, due to weather circumstances in London (which is very comforting thought if you don’t like rain, ahem…).

Bye Amsterdam, hello London!

Bye Amsterdam, hello London!

Luckily, the transfer from the airport to my new place went by very smoothly. Well, besides the fact that I got completely soaked the twenty meters I had to
walk outside when exiting the plane and the fact that my cab driver was quite disappointed I did not smuggle any drugs from Amsterdam to London for him, but let’s just forget about all that, because I arrived in London baby, yeah! After unpacking my 57 kilos of luggage (yes, I really brought 57 kilos of luggage in one go), it was almost immediately time to start the student life at Imperial.  If I were to describe my first two weeks as a student of the IHM MSc at the Business School in one word, it would definitely be intense. Because that is what it has been so far. Very, very intense. Not necessarily in a bad way. Obviously, suddenly having to follow courses as Accounting without any background in economics can be quite stressful, but at the same time it is a challenge (that all facing this challenge will hopefully overcome in a good way).

I believe all students, regardless of their backgrounds, are facing several challenges these first weeks. Some challenges I am not familiar with, such as visa-related challenges (yay for being a UK or EU student), other challenges with which I can perfectly identify myself, for example making it in time to that 08:45am lecture on Tuesdays (just take this little piece of advice from me: don’t be late for Health Informatics). And for all students a challenge: the workload, you have to work hard every day.  But, before you all might worry that this course is horribly intense and resign from sending in your application: STAHP!! It is truly worth it. With only two weeks in, I have already had several renowned individuals from the business world speaking to me, have had amazing lectures using state of the art technology and have even learned how to read over a thousand words per minute. And yes, the level of education is very high, extremely high compared to anything you will have ever done before, but it is managable if you work really hard for it.

Don’t expect too much sleep and/or having an extravagant social life, if you want to do well in this course. However, also don’t become some sort of a hermit, just make sure you find the balance that works for you. It’s okay to party and have fun, after all: work hard, play hard! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the lovely ‘creperie’ they have near South Kensington’s tube station!


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